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NJKOSAY ORGANICS. Inspired by goddesses

Extraordinary cosmetics for extraordinary clients.

At NJKOSAY we offer end-to-end support for your organic cosmetics business: a wide range of face and body products and a complete collection of therapies to satisfy the most exquisite clients’ needs. Ask us for your personalized offer, start a successful business, and join our NJKOSAY team of experts.

Extraordinary Organic Products. Our formulation is the result of more than 20 years’ experience in producing first-class organic skincare. Our innovative product offering includes professional cosmetics for use in your spa or esthetic business, as well as complementary domestic-use products.

Training and Techniques. Our exclusive product line comes with a complete set of therapeutic skills, ranging from skin and health assessment to massage techniques and tailoring of skincare routines to achieve full results.

Full Business Support. Whether you are new to the business or have years of experience, we provide you with a complete service set: design of your spa, business consulting and complementary products to make your business shine.



The perfect professional treatment starts with the right understanding of each client’s unique needs. Which is why at NJKOSAY we give our Personal Assessment Trainings the uttermost importance.  In these trainings, the therapists will learn to identify and treat different body morphologies and skin types, color and image advising, and additional personalized trainings, which will guarantee the success of your NJKOSAY center.



In-cabin techniques include but are not restricted to facial and body massages. Once a personal assessment is conclusive, in-cabin techniques are the first-response for a trained professional to start each client’s personalized healing treatment, which may entail one or multiple sessions. At NJKOSAY we offer specifically designed training that perfectly goes hand-in-hand with our Personal Assessment and our professional product offering.



NJKOSAY combines an exquisite professional service with unique formulations, both for in-cabin and at-home use. In order to offer a successful holistic personalized therapy for each client, the therapists will select both the right in-cabin techniques and a matching combination of products for at-home continuation. For a complete end-to-end experience, all client-facing staff can attend Commercial Training, which will allow them to increase sales whilst maintaining the right, exclusive atmosphere.



At NJKOSAY we believe that your success is our success. This is why we extend our service and training range with this targeted Business Consulting, based in years of experience and our deep knowledge of the industry. Beyond therapeutic and commercial techniques, we will help you navigate launching your new business, procuring for your wellness center everything from personalized decoration and interior design to creating the right service menu for you and your customers.