Services for Sucessful Entrepreneurs: create the right brand for you!
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Our services


Whether you are launching your new natural brand or you are looking to expand your existing product line, you are in the right place. We will help you from beginning to end, providing an end-to-end brand creation service.



Step one in starting with your endeavor is being able to put your idea into words, and tell it to the world in a way that is brief, captivating and attractive. This is often referred to as an Elevator Pitch and you’ll need one to convince clients and potential investors alike. We will work with you and help you create one and then continue to help you along the entire process to go from an abstract concept to a tangible, feasible product line, assisting you in every step along the way.


We will help you in your brand conceptualization and create a solid, market-ready sales speech. Our differentiation is that we create products with an appealing story, products that connect with your customers. And of course, we will help you find the right logo and brand image, and register in the different official bodies.


Do you have a solid, all-things-considered numerical estimate?


It is normal for small (and not so small) companies to struggle to understand the realistic size of the economic and time investment required for their plan, the capabilities and requirements of suppliers, their batch sizes, lead times, production schedules, realistic best-case-worst-case sales scenarios… There are numerous, sometimes unexpected factors that are key in navigating your idea from concept to reality.


We can help you translate all these considerations into numbers, creating a solid, viable roadmap which will greatly increase your chances of success. Our month-to-month roadmap will show you concrete timings, milestones and cash-flows in and out. It will give you real investment budget and expectable return.  In a nutshell, we will provide you with a customized, highly-useful tool to a feasible, implementable plan.

Great Planning. Better Execution.
Great  Cosmetics Formulation


Working with the right cosmetic formulations is essential to ensure happy customers and ultimately to your successful brand. If you are looking for cosmetics products, you are on a lucky strike. With 20+ years’ experience, our lab is Spain’s top natural cosmetics producer and one of the top labs in Europe.


At Sukhadhara we walk you through the different formulation steps and help you in choosing the right ingredients for your line, selecting the right hero product or a combination of ingredients that is coherent with your brand and your story line.


Ultimately, we will work with you every step of the way to successfully create your fully-customizable natural cosmetics line, with incredible textures, aromas and impeccable results.


¿Sabes cuál es la certificación adecuada para ti? Si eres nuevo en esto, es posible que te enfrentes a una confusión de conceptos: natural, bio, artesanal, orgánico, etc. Dependiendo de cuál sea tu público objetivo y tus necesidades particulares, requerirás un tipo u otro de certificación.


En nuestro laboratorio trabajamos con todas las entidades certificadoras internacionales y nuestras instalaciones son auditadas en consecuencia. En este paso te asesoraremos para seleccionar la certificación más adecuada, rentable y específica para tus productos. Además, podemos gestionar por ti el proceso de certificación, reduciendo tiempos de espera y costes, para que tú te centres en tu negocio.

COSMOS Certification
Great Designs, Artworks & Final Arts


What makes a good design? For us the right design is the one that makes your brand and your products irresistible to your target market.


That comprises everything, from having the right logo, to using the right printing materials and techniques, to ensuring your final artworks properly translate into real, tangible products that fully convey the unique value of your brand.


If this all sounds new to you, we will help you every step of the way. If on the other hand, you already have a clear picture of your brand image in mind, we will make sure we put them into action. In every case, our end-to-end design & artwork services will help you, whichever stage you are at, to make sure you achieve outstanding results every time.


To make sure your brand and products see the light, you will have to invest extended time and gain sufficient industry knowledge to navigate through different production and supplier options, negotiate best rates and conditions and leverage a wide spectrum of lead times, MOQs, etc.

To make sure your product launch happens in the shape and form that you have in mind, and lose no energy on time-consuming details, we offer you access to our know-how and to our network of trusted suppliers.


Whether you need a particular ingredient, packaging material or a specialized process, do let us know and we will make sure it happens.

Laboratory doing products
Great Financing Deal


Now you know how much it will cost you to make your dream a true, tangible reality. You may realize this is easier than you expected, or on the contrary, you may experience a certain level of unease regarding your economic plan. If this is the case, there are a number of options for you to make sure your idea gets financed.


If you operate from Spain, we can help you create turn your financing plan into a ready-to-go format that is compatible with different banks, including ENISA’s liability-free options.